Meet the trainers

They Are All Part of the Pro Fitness Family

Each trainer is an independent contractor with their own company. They train out of Pro Fitness due to the flexibility and versatility of Pro Fitness. Each trainer has different skills to help you achieve your goals. Reach out to any one of them for a free consultation.

Carole Nipper

Owner of Boomer Health & Fitness

As I was growing up, I watched my mother struggle with her weight. She was obese most of her life. So, after I had a personal trainer who showed me that I could avoid obesity, I fell in love with working out!!

I began working in fitness in  2005.I worked at a ladies fitness center and started personal training there. I wanted to help women because the industry was full of men, and women do not necessarily need to work out like men.

Later, I started working at the YMCA. That’s when I fell in love with seniors!! I began studying senior fitness more so now I am a trainer to the seniors, or Boomers, as I call them. Hence, I named my personal trainer business, Boomers Health & Fitness.

Megan McAllister

Owner of Align Fitness

– Specialize in weight loss and strength training 

– NASM certified – Personal training for 3 years – I’ve been weight lifting for 11 years- Certified group fitness instructor Phone number (864)999-0516